What is it?

We’re an inclusive, global user group providing a support network within the PHP community.

Our aim is to provide a network of support in hope that women in the industry do not feel so alone and isolated.

We do this by:

  • Helping women to become more involved with the community
  • Increasing female attendance at conferences as speakers and attendees
  • Providing a “female friendly” professional atmosphere.


The women in the PHP World tend to be few and scattered all over the world, rarely seeing other women at the various conferences, unconfs, user group meetings and social get togethers.

Starting out on October 8, 2006 as a call for the women of PHP to “stand up and be counted” by Ligaya Turmelle and Elizabeth Naramore, we have since formed an active community that will hopefully continue to grow and flourish for many years to come.

Since this time, PHPWomen has grown as a group and now has an active community spanning the globe.

In 2013 Ligaya Turmelle and Elizabeth Naramore passed the presidency onto Lineke Kerckhoffs-Willems and Michelle Sanver. The PHPWomen group consists of a total of 12 board members and several active members all helping to drive the group forward.

What about the men?

As much as we wish it was not true, women are a minority in the majority of tech fields. We hope that by calling for women to be stood up and counted, we gain a greater insight to the amount of women in the industry and enable women in the same geographic location to meet up.

In the long run, we hope there will be a day where there are enough women in the tech industry that this group is no longer a need.

How to support

You can send a donation directly to our paypal account, buy an elePHPant from our store or join us in our irc channel #PHPWomen on We are always looking for volunteers to do things like helping with our website, bring awareness and staff conference booths.